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Fiverr Vs. A Dedicated team

In this article, we will cover the difference on hiring a freelancer to a dedicated team. What do you want? Do you want something quick and fast? Do you want something long-term that's effective with a strategy? Let's go over the difference between both.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr, and similar freelance engines, have really taken off in the last ten years. While these sites are billed as a quality substitution for a designated creative team, the reality is that you lose out on really key benefits when you don’t employ an established creative team. Many business owners are lured into using Fiverr by what appears to be much smaller prices, but are then hit with unexpected expenses that dramatically decrease the price difference.

While ordering a Fiverr logo is tempting because it is advertised as convenient and quick, you lose several elements from working with a dedicated creative team. Working with an established creative company upholds brand cohesion while also providing you with a team that understands your brand beyond just a logo or quick design. A dedicated creative team can bring your business direction, advice, and a crisp professional edge that a single freelancer on Fiverr can not.

You Get What You Pay For

While the comparatively low prices listed for graphic design by sites like Fiverr may seem like a great deal for your business, the reality is that most cheap and fast logos are not high quality and the designer isn’t interested in spending time with revisions or edits. A $15 price tag for a logo might sound great, but designers that charge so little have to churn out tons of logos each day to make ends-meet. This doesn’t foster an environment that creates high-quality or unique designs for your company. Cheap freelance designers aren’t going to take the time your small business deserves.

Each design change and revision is paid for piecemeal, which gets very expensive. Many freelance designers may not be willing to change their original logo design to fit other formats like banner ads or digital web content, which can make things be challenging for the business owner to get all the promotional materials they need.

Quality and Brand Cohesion Makes A Difference

Hiring a professional team means you are making an investment in the future of your business beyond a fast and low-quality logo that is often difficult to be updated. A dedicated creative team will be more flexible and cater to what an individual small business needs. Graphic design and promotional material needs are not one-size-fits-all. Each small business has different parameters and goals. It's so much more convenient to hire a team of creative professionals that can meet all the unique needs of your company and results in a higher quality design.

When hiring freelancers, you often have to get different artists to do each piece. This leads to your brand cohesion suffering from multiple artists that each have a different style, skill level and may even produce incompatible end products. Simplify and streamline the whole process by hiring one company to do it all. When edits are needed, a creative company can revise and reformat without starting from scratch, dealing with incompatible files, or having to deal with pesky copyrighting issues.

Expertise That
Can’t Be Beat

Nobody will understand your company's individual graphic design needs better than a professional creative company. The longer you work with one company, the easier it is to perfect your business’ branding. Design companies have the benefit of seeing your company as a whole picture instead of just a logo or just a business card. They can help you plan your branding around the future of your company, while maintaining the continuity of design that sets your small business apart from the others. Established design teams have the time and resources to sit down and get to really know your company, your future vision and the clients you are trying to reach.

Freelance engines like Fiverr tend to attract novice designers who are just getting their feet wet or are still in school for graphic design. Established creative teams will have a group of people working for you that have a wide span of skills and experience levels. The collaboration of artists, designers, managers and producers fosters an environment that creates beautiful, high-quality artwork, and design packages that truly reflect the individuality of your small business. Not only do creative teams create better work through collaboration, the existing infrastructure of a creative business offers you, as a client, protections that working with a freelancer does not. It can be difficult to get support when an issue arises with a freelancer’s work. An established company will have the experience and customer service representatives available to help you with any problems should they arise.

Trust in the Right Company

One way to make your company stand out from all the rest is with crisp, cohesive and professional design and marketing materials, the kind that can only be delivered by a dedicated creative team. High quality promotional materials, unique logo designs, and professional marketing packages; these things are investments in your company's image and future. Don’t leave your business’s investment in the wrong hands. Ensure that you get the highest quality media by hiring a team of design professionals.

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