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The Importance of local seo

In this article, we will cover the difference on hiring a freelancer to a dedicated team. What do you want? Do you want something quick and fast? Do you want something long-term that's effective with a strategy? Let's go over the difference between both.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, the goal of which is to position your website at the top of online search results. This is done by embedding keywords into your company's website. Keywords are words that are often submitted on search engines such as Google or Bing. When SEO citations are properly utilized, small businesses have the potential to appear at the top of relevant Google searches instead of being lost in the myriad of competing websites.

Quality local SEO marketing services harness the power of search engines by working with these website's algorithms to get small business’ websites in front of their target audience. The importance of local SEO marketing to a small business located in Dallas, Texas cannot be overstated. A recent study by BIA/Kelsey Group found that 97% of consumers use the internet to research companies in their local area and  90% of consumers specifically use search engines to facilitate their research. Companies that take advantage of local SEO marketing services are much more likely to be on the front page of those search results, thus increasing website traffic and overall online interaction with potential clients.

SEO is important for small businesses.

You want to grow your small business, but your customers are harder to reach than ever. With a constant bombardment of advertising messages, many people have gone numb to general marketing efforts. A more targeted approach is needed. Local SEO marketing in Dallas, Texas is essential for your small local business and even for your new small business idea to break through the noise.

Properly optimized local SEO citations enable small businesses to be more competitive and successful by introducing your company to new potential clients, keeping your company fresh in the minds of past clients, and pinpointing marketing strategies to avoid budget waste, all of which position your small business to thrive.

SEO builds your company.

SEO introduces your small business or start-up to new clients in a specific location by utilizing local SEO marketing. In order for your small business to grow dynamically, it cannot depend solely on word of mouth or direct to market advertising strategies. A high-quality online presence like a website or Facebook page is essential, but it is ineffective if there is no organic traffic to your site. SEO can solve this problem. Optimized SEO citations get potential clients from all over the Dallas, Texas area to your website with sniper-like precision.

Users will discover your website by searching relevant keyword terms that signal their interest in the services you offer. Outdated market strategies, on the other hand, waste time and money by lambasting potentially irrelevant demographics. Advertising a small business online is like having a roadside billboard; a few cars might amble past without prompting, but most won't be looking for what your small business offers. SEO works by redirecting traffic to drive past the “billboard” and, better still, curating traffic that is actively looking for the services you provide. For your small business ideas that are still in development, this strategic SEO marketing is extremely useful for connecting with target demographics.

After a website is properly optimized, it becomes an example of passive marketing. Passive marketing, once in place, continues to work without repeated inputs of time and money. In the case of SEO, citations will continue to bring traffic to your website without the launching of costly new advertising and marketing campaigns.

SEO Saves Your Company Money.

Optimized SEO marketing and citations create more revenue for small business by decreasing overall marketing expenditure. Online advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Instagram Ads Manager are costly and do not have a stellar yield per dollar spent. Small businesses have to spend a significant amount of money on these marketing tools to see results.

This is not always feasible for small local businesses or for entrepreneurs launching new small business ideas. Creating engaging and effective advertising is  time-consuming and potentially expensive if a business doesn't have an in-house designer The other downside to online advertising platforms is the potential to miss the intended market. However, SEO targeting Dallas, Texas will draw in customers searching for goods and services in that specific area, which prevents expensive advertisements from being wasted on unwanted demographics.

SEO Gives Marketing Control Back to Your Company.

Optimized SEO gives your small business control over marketing in a way that third-party advertising platforms do not. One unfortunate aspect of pouring time and money into a third-party platform is that there is no guarantee that the platform will continue to be compatible with your current advertisement.

Advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads can change their interface suddenly, leading to costly re-designs of marketing campaigns. SEO optimizing cuts out the middle-man of marketing. Online advertising is a constantly shifting field where the average small business can get lost in the crowd of competitor companies. Small local businesses can pour hundreds of dollars and hours into an advertisement campaign, customized for a specific marketing platform, just to have that platform close down.

Many small businesses were left with useless content designed for Myspace, Periscope, and Vine, when those platforms disappeared, in some cases overnight. SEO citations, on the other hand, will continue to function until manually removed.  

SEO Creates Flexibility in Marketing.

SEO creates flexibility and stability for small businesses in an ever-changing market. If a small business has a brick and mortar location in Dallas, Texas, and wants to break into nearby markets without physically interacting with a different area, they can simply update the SEO citations on their company's website.

The same advantages can be applicable to small business ideas and start-ups, giving new opportunities to draw in customers without any existing clients or contacts.

Don’t Miss Out on Growing Your Small Business.

A small business that does not take advantage of local SEO services is missing out on the numerous benefits it provides. Companies that utilize SEO citations are making the best of their website's potential, saving on marketing costs and growing their client base in the most effective way possible.

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