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What is google my business?

In this article, we will cover the difference on hiring a freelancer to a dedicated team. What do you want? Do you want something quick and fast? Do you want something long-term that's effective with a strategy? Let's go over the difference between both.

The Importance of Having a Google My Business Account

It is the age of Google. The leading search engine has changed the landscape of how business owners and customers interact and those changes are here to stay. Having a Google My Business account truly is an investment in the future of your local or small business. Google My Business accounts are important to businesses because it brings in more customers, helps with marketing and gives the business owner valuable feedback.

What is It?

Google My Business is an extremely useful tool to promote your business powered by the behemoth search engine, and household name, Google, LLC. It offers a free internet presence to all businesses that’s easy to use and professionally formatted and optimized. A Google My Business account creates an accurate business listing that can easily be found via search word optimization across all Google search engines, maps, mobile devices, Google home and Nest products, and traditional laptops and computers.

This online listing features your business’s name, a summary of services, a link to your website, customer reviews, hours of operations, all contact information, and directions to your brick and mortar store all while utilizing your personal logo and branding. Google My Business is owner controlled so your listing is always accurate and on brand for your business. Through the Google My Business account portal you can edit the details of your company in real time, offering customers the most up to date information about your business. With all of these benefits it's extremely surprising that Google My Business account is also 100% free.

That might change in the near future however, so it's never been more important to create a Google My Business account now.

Google My Business Accounts Will Bring In More Customers

Google has funneled all its resources and ingenuity into a platform that is designed with the intention to bring the most customer traffic possible to small and local businesses. With the powerhouse that is Google on your side it’s possible for even small and start-up businesses to be visible next to their largest competitors. Google will direct local queries and keyword searches to the nearest companies regardless of the size of the business, length of operating, or customer review.

This levels the playing field between large corporations and small, independently owned businesses. For example, if a customer was to search, “coffee shop on this block” both the local mom-and-pop shop and Starbucks would be equally represented. Gone are the days when small local businesses need to rely on customer word-of-mouth or costly advertising campaigns.

A Formatted and Optimized Google My Business “Knowledge Panel” Listing

All Google My Business accounts have the ability to utilize a “Knowledge Panel” for their businesses. Knowledge Panels are the formatied and optimized interface between the customers and the owners. Owners have control over the information displayed in their business’s Knowledge Panel and is where customers will learn pertinent information like the hours of operation and address, as well as contact information for the business, and direct links to company websites and social media pages.

All of this information is displayed in a professional and concisely designed format that is easily digestible by the customer and very familiar to anyone who regularly searches Google. Google uses automated search word optimization so that Knowledge Panels pop up in potential customer’s quieres. The whole process is very effortless on the side of the business owner who really only has to provide their companies information.

Google My Business Marketing Kits and Google Adwords

According to Google analytics 46% of all google searches are for local businesses and services. Google My Business accounts work seamlessly with Google Maps to generate directions straight to your store when optimized keywords are searched. Another benefit to having a Google My Business account is the integration with Google Adwords.

It is easier than ever to advertise your business going through the same Google My Business portal. One of the most generous benefits to having a Google My Business account are the marketing kits that Google offers to its members for free. The kits include free printables and digital stickers, buttons and posters that can be used to integrate your website into your Google My Business listing.

Insights Page

One of the most interesting aspects of having a Google My Business account is the analytic information they send out monthly and the ability to interface with customers. There is a bit of a social media aspect to Google My Business accounts in that you can create blog posts, advertise new offers, run podcasts or videos and customers can opt to follow your business.

This allows for more ways for the customer to be engaged with your company. Each month, Google My Business send out an Insight Page email that breaks down how customers are interacting with your company. Insight Pages keep you informed on how many people googled your business, visited your website, requested directions to your shop and what posts are attracting the most customers.

It’s the same incredibly useful information that can be gotten from Google Analytics, but in a less intimidating and more straightforward presentation. However, the Insights Page can be just as in depth as Google Analytics if you want to dive into it.

Google Reviews and Customer Feedback

Google reviews and customer feedback are a wonderful way to interact with customers while using Google My Business. Potential and current customers can use the Knowledge Panel to email you directly or leave a customer review.

Reviews are a great way to interface with customers and fix any potential misunderstandings while still preserving positive optics for your business. More and more customers are relying on customer reviews online than word of mouth recommendations.

Don’t Wait to Sign Up!

Small and local companies who haven't taken advantage of a Google My Business account yet certainly should, and sooner rather than later. Though signing up for a Google My Business account has been free since its creation, there are persistent rumors that this might not always be the case.

As even more customers are exclusively shopping from home, it is more important than ever to have a stable online presence. Google My Business is a priceless tool in an age where online competition is so incredibly steep. 

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