Aj's ProTax

AJ's Pro Tax is a business created by an ambitious woman who dedicated herself to financially assisting her clients to assure she could deliver the most efficient, and helpful hand to those who needed financial services. We sat down and discussed many different options for design until concluding with these final pieces.

logo design for Aj's Pro Tax

Simple Message + Effective Logo.

We used an all white background with an eye popping green. The color scheme we chose reflects finance, service, and money. A clean, meaningful design can bring your business many benefits.

Business cards design for Aj's Pro Tax

Business Cards + interactive use.

Creating a few different variations of design continuing the same color scheme keeps your brand at an efficient consistency.

Creative business cards design

Present yourself in all areas.

Branding your business allows all future clients to quickly identify you. We were able to construct these templates while continuing to clearly state what AJ's Pro Tax is all about.