Jaramillo's Transmission

When Arctic first began working with Jaramillo's Transmission we analyzed their client numbers to assess as to why business was not up to par. We concluded that customer service was impeccable, respectful, and overall vehicle maintenance held excellent satisfaction; but Jaramillo's Transmission was basing their services off of the old fashioned "word of mouth" Jaramillo's had not yet straightened the guidelines of their brand. Stock images were used for their logo and for all other content they created in hopes to find the perfect fit. After discussing their vision for the logo, name, and color scheme; We came up with a fresh idea that is unique in the field among competitors.

Business cards. Version 1

After a few rough copies had been created and discussed upon, a unison decision had been decided. This logo design is clean, simple, and elegant. With darkenly bold colors the soft yet statemented flow of the overall design is enhanced even more.

Merchandise for customers

Building the right foundation between you and your customers will not only create a comfortable environment but also show that we take pride in what we do. After speaking with some of our frequenting customer base for feedback, we conducted a merchandise section for t-shirt giveaways for all of our loyal customers. So far many happy faces have been seen wearing these shirts to show off the "Best auto shop" they know.

Banner - Building sign

Well, when owning a business you want to be seen. How can you create an efficient way to do this? After we designed, printed, and had the banner installed Jaramillos saw a 9% increase in traffic from locals. The survey that had then been conducted showed us that the big banner compared to the original had helped customers find them in their local neighborhood. Creating a sign or a banner to add to your business will allow all to get to know who you are and what you are about with your business.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can be effective. Direct marketing can be easy measured compared to other forms of advertisement. The ROI on a campaign can be up to 29%.