La Jaliscience Plus

Introducing our fun and elegant design scheme that Arctic has created for the amazing La Jalisciense Plus Ice Cream Parlor. La Jalisciense came to us looking to set the refresh button to their brand. We took the time to place their vision in motion to create the perfect fit. The transformation was just what they needed to continue to thrive with their business journey. We were so pleased to be able to give La Jalisciense the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that their businesses integrity was in great hands. We were able to show off many bold colors incorporated everywhere from the interior portraits, down to the ice cream cup models, and even the direct marketing business flyers. So let’s jump in!

Logo Design

As it’s said, every great business starts with a signature image. This image is also known as your logo design. This represents what you are all about, and what your business represents. A short introduction to who you are. La Jalisciense was looking for expansion and growth. So that meant taking every aspect of their dynamic and incorporating it into something magical. The final result was a big bold Jalisciense ice cream cone. With these statement colors, it's sure to take first.

Interior portraits

Sometimes your business may need a little decor to spruce up your spaces.It was a great time to experiment with pops of color and contrast that are easy on the eyes, but still fun to look at. We took inspired images of the sweet treats Jalisciense has to offer and with our high quality printing designed these beautiful portraits. No treat left behind!

Ice cream cup models

What better way to indulge in your favorite treats than in something that not only holds variety, but are just too darn good not to pass up?! Creating another bold point of interest were the elegantly pigmented treat cups. We went above and beyond to assure the coloring, and style steadily continued the Jalisciense aesthetic. With three captivating colors the choice is yours which one will be the holder of the sweets.

Store hour: Fun idea

Well, what can we say? Arctic Lynx never passes up an opportunity to add eye-catching details that sometimes, just makes you want to smile. Small yet mighty. Every business needs a way to communicate their hours of operation. We chose the scenic route to the creation of just about the cutest design yet. We decided to go with this crafty, extra happy popsicle decal.All smiles, inside and out.

Direct Marketing + Store flyer

As we hate to see you leave, take a flyer. This was the icing on the cake for Jaliscienses total makeover. We designed a simple, direct marketing flyer that really tied together all aspects of their business to leave a remarkable impression. For a touch of boldness we gave these flyers an overlaying, shadow effect to really make a statement.